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The Best Places to Eat in London's West End

Written by Estelle Ross

Jun 23, 2023

Are you a foodie who enjoys visiting the West End of the capital? There is no reason to look any more! This bustling district is host to a plethora of culinary pleasures, providing a broad choice of eating experiences to satisfy every appetite. There's something for everyone, from classic British fare to foreign flavours. In this post, we will look at the top restaurants in London's West End to ensure you have an outstanding dining experience during your stay. The West End of London is famous for its dynamic theatre scene, retail hotspots, and, of course, outstanding gastronomic options. You'll never run out of options for a delicious lunch with the district's abundance of eateries.

1. Traditional British Food

Head to the old pubs and restaurants spread around the West End for a taste of traditional British gastronomy. Traditional foods such as fish and chips, beef Wellington, and shepherd's pie are available. The following restaurants provide a genuine British dining experience:

  • Gordon Ramsay's Savoy Grill: This restaurant, located in the renowned Savoy Hotel, offers a magnificent setting and a cuisine including British classics with a modern touch.
  • Rules: Rules, one of London's oldest restaurants, was founded in 1798 and serves classic British meals in an exquisite, historic atmosphere. 
  • The Guinea Grill: This historic bar and steakhouse is known for its superbly grilled steaks and classic British dishes. 

2. Fine Dining at its Finest

If you're searching for an elite eating experience, the West End has various options that will not disappoint. There are places like:

  • Sketch: This one-of-a-kind dining experience mixes art, design, and gastronomy to create a genuinely unforgettable experience. Enjoy a lunch in the lovely Glade or afternoon tea in the fanciful Pink Gallery.
  • The Ivy: The Ivy is a staple amongst celebs and residents alike, with its elegant design and cuisine showing off modern British delicacies. 
  • The Wolseley: The Wolseley, housed in a spectacular old automobile showroom, offers a grand European dining experience, offering breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and supper.
  • Dabbous: Dabbous is known for its inventive and modern approach to fine dining, with a tasting menu highlighting fresh ingredients and distinctive flavour combinations.

3. Flavours from Around the World

The West End of London is a cultural melting pot, which is reflected in its broad choice of restaurants.

Cuisines from throughout the world. The selections range from Italian trattorias and Spanish tapas bars to Indian curry houses and Middle Eastern eateries. Some notable restaurants serving foreign cuisine include:

  • Dishoom: Dishoom transports you to the busy streets of Bombay, where you can savour scrumptious Indian delicacies ranging from aromatic curries to delightful street food.
  • Barrafina: Enjoy real Spanish tapas in a vibrant setting with a menu full of classic favourites at Barrafina.
  • Hakkasan: Hakkasan, famed for its sophisticated ambience and masterfully created meals, serves the finest Cantonese food. 
  • Yauatcha: Yauatcha is a must-visit if you enjoy dim sum and trendy Chinese food. Enjoy a refined dining experience in a modern atmosphere. 

4. Restaurants that are both casual and trendy

The West End has lots to offer if you want a more relaxed and stylish eating experience. These informal cafes provide a relaxing environment and tasty meals, ranging from elegant burger places to inventive fusion cuisine. Look into:

  • Patty & Bun: Known for its delectable burgers, Patty & Bun offers juicy patties with unique toppings and flavours.
  • Honest Burgers: Honest Burgers delivers an assortment of top-notch burgers created from locally sourced farms, with a focus on utilising quality ingredients.
  • Bao: Bao is a fashionable café known for its fluffy steamed buns stuffed with a variety of scrumptious ingredients, ideal for a quick and savoury bite.
  • Temper: Temper is a unique eating experience that serves grilled meats, tacos, and inventive meals cooked over an open fire.

5. Cafés and bakeries that are charming

The West End of London is filled with quaint cafés and bakeries that serve a delectable assortment of pastries, cakes and speciality coffees. Take a break from your adventures and treat yourself to some sweets at:

  • Fitzrovia Belle: This little café is ideal for a leisurely breakfast or a delectable afternoon tea. Enjoy freshly baked pastries and specialty coffees.
  • Dominique Ansel Bakery: Famous for its cronut (a croissant-doughnut hybrid), Dominique Ansel Bakery is a pastry lover's paradise. Discover a variety of unusual and scrumptious delights. 
  • Feya: Feya transports you to a fanciful world of flower and pastel aesthetics, where you may indulge in exquisite pastries, Instagram-worthy delicacies, and cool drinks. 
  • Monmouth Coffee Company: Coffee lovers will enjoy a trip to Monmouth Coffee Company, a specialty coffee store that serves carefully chosen and beautifully made coffees. 

6. Options for Vegetarians and Vegans

Those who live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle will find that London's West End caters to their nutritional needs. There are various restaurants that specialise in plant-based cuisine.

cuisine, guaranteeing a tasty and pleasant eating experience. Consider going to:

  • Mildreds: A beloved vegetarian institution, Mildreds serves a diverse menu of globally inspired vegetarian and vegan cuisine that is full of flavour and inventiveness.
  • Redemption: Redemption is a vegan restaurant and bar that serves nutritional plant-based cuisine as well as refreshing mocktails. 
  • Farmacy: Farmacy embraces the farm-to-table idea, serving organic, plant-based meals and healthy elixirs in a chic atmosphere.
  • Eat By Chloe: By Chloe is a fashionable vegan cafe that serves a variety of delectable plant-based burgers, salads, and desserts made with sustainable ingredients. 

7. Distinctive Dining Experiences

The West End of London is also home to some remarkable dining experiences that go beyond the cuisine. Immerse yourself in an unforgettable gastronomic excursion at:

  • In the Dark?: Where is Dans le Noir? You'll dine in complete darkness, enhancing your senses and allowing you to focus only on the flavours and textures of the cuisine.
  • Bob Bob Ricard: Bob Bob Ricard provides a beautiful and glamorous atmosphere in which you may indulge in the famed "Press for Champagne" button at your table while enjoying British and Russian classics. 
  • Bunga Bunga: Visit Bunga Bunga for a night of Italian fun and entertainment, where you can savour pizza, spaghetti, and live performances in a vibrant setting. 
  • Cahoots: Cahoots, a themed basement pub and restaurant that transfers you to the age of swing music and retro drinks, transports you to post-war London. 

8. Restaurants that are suitable for families

Are you taking the whole family? Don't worry; the West End features numerous family-friendly eateries with kid-friendly menus and a warm atmosphere. Here are several possibilities:

  • Rainforest Cafe: Children will appreciate the immersive rainforest-themed experience at Rainforest Cafe, where they can eat delicious meals while surrounded by mechanical creatures and beautiful foliage.
  • Pizza Pilgrims: Pizza Pilgrims is a casual and family-friendly pizza establishment that provides delectable Neapolitan-style pizzas handcrafted with premium ingredients.
  • Honest Chicken: If your kids like chicken, Honest Chicken is the place to go. They serve a selection of delicious chicken meals that will please the entire family.

9. Late-Night Meals

At night, the West End comes alive, and so do its food alternatives. Whether you're searching for a late-night snack or a post-theatre supper, these restaurants have you covered:

  • Balans Soho Society: Balans Soho Society is a 24-hour restaurant with a broad menu that includes breakfast selections as well as late-night comfort cuisine classics.
  • Bar Italia: Looking for a late-night cappuccino or some delectable Italian gelato? Caffeine aficionados have been served at Bar Italia and gelato connoisseurs in Soho for decades. 
  • Brasserie Zédel: Brasserie Zédel is a French brasserie that is open until the wee hours of the morning, providing a superb late-night eating experience with a touch of Parisian elegance.

10. Rooftop Dining with Spectacular Views

At these West End rooftop restaurants, you may enjoy spectacular views of London's cityscape while dining on gourmet cuisine:

  • Radio Rooftop: Radio Rooftop, located on the 10th story of the ME London hotel, provides panoramic views of the city skyline as well as a menu of unique drinks and sophisticated European meals.
  • Aqua Kyoto: Aqua Kyoto, located in the middle of Regent Street, delivers contemporary Japanese cuisine with a view. Enjoy a rooftop dining experience with great city views. 
  • Sushisamba: Sushisamba, which combines Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian flavours, not only delivers a gastronomic adventure but also a gorgeous rooftop location overlooking Covent Garden.

11. Hidden Treasures

Discover some West End culinary hidden gems where you may enjoy distinct flavours and interesting eating experiences:

  • Kanada-Ya: Kanada-Ya is a modest ramen shop with a cult following because of its tasty and genuine Japanese ramen. Prepare to slurp your way to happiness.
  • The Palomar: A hidden treasure, The Palomar provides a bright and varied menu influenced by the flavours of the Levant and Southern Spain, offering a memorable dining experience. 
  • Duck & Waffle: Located on the 40th level of a skyscraper, Duck & Waffle provides unique 24-hour eating. Enjoy their famous duck confit and waffle meal while taking in the stunning views of London. 

12. Street Food and Markets

In London's West End, immerse yourself in the busy atmosphere of food markets and indulge in a broad variety of street food pleasures. Don't miss the following food markets:

  • Berwick Street Market: Berwick Street Market, located in the heart of Soho, is a dynamic market that offers a broad choice of street food booths, fresh vegetables, and artisanal items.
  • Kingly Court: Located on Carnaby Street, Kingly Court is a three-story courtyard packed with an interesting mix of restaurants and street food vendors serving a diverse range of cuisines.
  • Seven Dials Market: Seven Dials Market is a foodie's dream, with booths and cafes offering everything from gourmet burgers to Thai street cuisine and sweet sweets.

13. Chinatown Exploration

A trip to Chinatown in London's West End would not be complete without a stop. You'll discover a variety of authentic Chinese restaurants and diners here. Some common choices are:

  • Four Seasons: Famous for its juicy roast duck and other Cantonese delights, Four Seasons is a must-visit for Chinese food enthusiasts. 
  • Dumplings' Legend: Dumplings' Legend is a favourite among dumpling fans, providing a broad variety of delectable dumplings, noodles, and other Chinese treats.
  • Golden Phoenix: In a colourful and friendly atmosphere, Golden Phoenix serves a complete variety of classic Chinese cuisine ranging from dim sum to delicious Peking duck.

14. FAQs

Q: Is it necessary to make reservations for restaurants in London's West End? 

A: Reservations are recommended, especially at popular and upmarket restaurants, to secure a table. However, depending on availability, certain informal establishments may accept walk-ins.

Q: Do eateries provide vegetarian and vegan options? 

A: Many restaurants in London's West End provide vegetarian and vegan fare, and some specialise on plant-based food.

Q: Is there late-night eating in the West End? 

A: Without a doubt! The West End boasts a number of restaurants and cafés that provide late-night meals, allowing you to dine even after a play or a night out.

Q: Where can I uncover the best-kept secrets in the West End? 

A: Investigating local recommendations, reading food blogs, and reading internet reviews might help you find hidden culinary jewels in London's West End.

Q: Are there any eateries in the West End that are suitable for families? 

A: Yes, there are numerous family-friendly restaurants in the West End that provide kid-friendly meals and provide a pleasant environment for families.

Q: When is the ideal time to visit the West End food markets? 

A: Food markets in the West End are normally open during the day and early evening, so go for lunch or in the afternoon to enjoy the lively environment.

Q: How do I get to Chinatown in the West End of London, England? 

A: Chinatown is located near Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus in the heart of the West End. It is easily accessible by public transit, including the metro and bus lines.

Remember to check individual restaurant websites or call beforehand for the most up-to-date information on their opening hours and reservation restrictions. Have fun with your gastronomic explorations in London's West End!

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