Riding into the Spotlight with Emily Benjamin in Bronco Billy Image

Riding into the Spotlight with Emily Benjamin in Bronco Billy

Written by Estelle Ross

Aug 18, 2023

This coming January, prepare to be dazzled as Bronco Billy - The Musical sets its stage at the renowned Charing Cross Theatre. Starring the incredibly talented Emily Benjamin in the lead role of Antoinette, this musical promises a spectacular blend of romance, adventure, and self-discovery.

Emily Benjamin Takes Centre Stage

Emily Benjamin is no stranger to the limelight, with her most recent role as the alternate Sally Bowles in Cabaret at the Kit Kat Club. Her other noteworthy performances include Bat Out Of Hell – The Musical, Zog: Live!, and The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe. As Antoinette in Bronco Billy - The Musical, Benjamin is sure to bring her own touch of magic to this spirited show.

A Story of Reinvention and Living Your Dream

The musical is adapted from a book by Dennis Hackin, who also penned the screenplay of the beloved Clint Eastwood movie, which serves as the show's basis. With music and lyrics by Chip Rosenbloom and John Torres, and additional lyrics by Michele Brourman, this show is an auditory and visual delight.

"Bronco Billy - The Musical" is not just a show—it's an uplifting story of love, family, reinvention, and the pursuit of dreams. Set in 1979, this enchanting narrative revolves around a traveling troupe of quirky, disco-dancing Wild West performers led by Bronco Billy. Their world is turned upside down when they encounter Antoinette Lilly, a Manhattan heiress on the run.

Awards and Acclaims

Having its world premiere at the Skylight Theatre Company in LA in 2019, the musical earned widespread recognition, winning the Ovation Award for Best Book/Original Musical and Best Lyrics and Musical/Original Musical. Its continued success is a testament to the power and charm that Bronco Billy and his troupe bring to the stage, leaving audiences enthralled from start to finish.

A Message from the Stars and Makers

In a recent press statement, Emily Benjamin shared her enthusiasm for the show: “I’m so excited to explore this wild world of Bronco Billy – The Musical – a show that says you can be whatever you want to be [...] there’s somewhere out there that you can be your true self, no matter what other people tell you.”

This sentiment is mirrored by the creators. Gary Grossman, Artistic Director of Skylight Theatre Company, spoke about the creative process: “Five years ago Dennis Hackin, Chip Rosenbloom, and John Torres approached me about teaming up, to help develop a fresh approach to the 1980’s film. The result is a wonderful, madcap, crazy, love story with a whole lot of heart!”

Director Hunter Bird reflects on the musical’s deeper themes: “Bronco Billy – The Musical is so much about identity. Rather than accepting the roles we’re given, we always have the ability to create our own realities, our own families, and our own identities.”

A Cross-Atlantic Journey

Writer Dennis Hackin adds his anticipation for the show’s future: “We’ve been on a real ride with Bronco Billy and can’t wait to continue our Journey in the UK”.

A Winning Production Team

Produced by Gary Grossman, in collaboration with Hartshorn – Hook Productions—who have been behind hits like Amelie the Musical and The Immersive Great Gatsby in the West End, and the current show The Choir of Man at the Arts Theatre—audiences can expect a production of the highest caliber.

Save the Dates

Bronco Billy will be gracing the Charing Cross Theatre from 23 January to 7 April 2024. With its vibrant characters, heartfelt story, and infectious tunes, this is a musical that promises to capture hearts and inspire dreams.

In Summary

Bronco Billy - The Musical offers not just entertainment, but an inspiring message that resonates in today’s world: the freedom and courage to be yourself, and the power of crafting your own path, regardless of societal norms and expectations.

This vibrant and heartwarming show is set to be one of 2024’s must-see musicals in London’s West End. Whether you’re a fan of wild west stories, a lover of poignant musicals, or simply in search of a night filled with laughter, love, and inspiration, Bronco Billy - The Musical is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Join Bronco Billy, Antoinette, and their unforgettable troupe as they embark on a journey that crosses not only the vast American landscape but bridges the divide between dreams and reality, on the illustrious stage of London's Charing Cross Theatre.

So, mark your calendar, book your tickets, and get ready for the ride of your life with Bronco Billy - The Musical.

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